Projets déjà réalisés (depuis 1992)

Les activités internationales organisées par le Réseau Express jeunes depuis 1992:

Depuis 1992, nous avons organisé plus de 90 stages de formation, séminaires, projets transfrontaliers réunissant des travailleurs sociaux, travailleurs jeunesse et des jeunes avec moins d’opportunités.




2015 :

2014 : 

2013 :

2012 : 

  • Think Youth (France: Strasbourg, January)
  • Jump In! (Romania: Valiug, April)
  • Springboard to Inclusion (Croatia: Grožnjan, June)
  • A look at the Other, Another Look (France: Strasbourg, July)
  • Take a Risk! (Lithuania: Dubingiai, August)
  • Cross the Finishing Line! (Croatia: Grožnjan, June)
  • M.O.V.E 2: Leonardo mobility (Europe)

2011 : 

  • We in Europe (France: Strasbourg, April)
  • Workshop for parents (France: Goesdorf, June)
  • In the Starting blocks (Spain: Mollina, September)
  • Initiatives and Empowerment of young people: an anti-crisis remedy? (Armenia: Tsaghkadzor, October)
  • Coach me if you can (Portugal: Vila da Marmeleira, November)
  • Move: Leonardo (Europe)

2010 : 

  • Youth Impact: research (Europe)
  • Odyssey : Learning to Learn (France: Goersdorf, March)
  • Youth Inclusion Actions (Turkey: Cesme, May)
  • Take Another Step! (Slovenia: Rogla, July)
  • Arch of Noah II : from Diversity to Intercultural Dialogue (Armenia – Georgia – Turkey, September)
  • Gender Issues in Non Formal Education : France/Germany (Strasbourg, November)
  • MOVE : Leonardo placements (Europe)

2009 :

  • A Step Further (France: Strasbourg, May)
  • Nothing About us without us! (Scotland: Dunkeld, June)
  • Participation is Power (Italy: Ostia, November)
  • Vis-à-vis (France: Strasbourg, Germany: Landkreis Ortenau, November)

2008 :

  • Get to know, Get to work (Belarus: Minsk, January)
  • S-YEN-ERGY and now! (Scotland: Perth, February)
  • Balkan Tour – Sunshine Bus (Croatia – Bosnia-Herzegovina – Montenegro, June)
  • Yes to Intercultural Dialogue (Romania: Timisoara, July)
  • Roads of Dialogue (Spain: Mollina, September)
  • Youth Impact (Bulgaria: Kyustendil, October)

2007 :

  • Act and create for Social Inclusion and Intercultural Dialogue (Italy: Ostia, February)
  • “Arch of Noah”: Different Cultures, Different People, Equal rights (Armenia: Yerevan, June)
  • For Diversity, Against All Discriminations! (France: Strasbourg, September)
  • S-YEN-ERGY (Spain: Mollina, October)
  • Social Exclusion and participation of young people: From local to International Level (Hungary: Budapest, November)

2006 :

  • Common values / Different Practices (France:  Strasbourg, April)
  • YOUTH for all! (Italy: Sabaudia, May)
  • Social rights are Human Rights (Romania: Timisoara, June)
  • Get to know / Get to work (Armenia: Yerevan, July)
  • Gender Issues (Croatia: Groznjan – Bulgaria: Kyustendil, September)
  • Peer education against racism (Spain: Mollina, October)
  • Forum on Intercultural Dialogue (France: Strasbourg, November)

2005 :

    • Gender issues in youth work (Hungary: Budapest, February)
    • Getting connected (Bulgaria: Kyustendil, May)
    • TC Youth workers against racism (Spain: Mollina, October)
    • Gender issues
  • Staying alive (Portugal: Cartaxo, November)

2004 :

    • Welcome to Alsace (France: La Claquette, October)
    • Cross-border cooperation and development (Spain: Molina, October)
    • Evaluation Toolbox (Turkey: Avanos, November)
  • Sport and violence

2003 :

    • Role of women in youth association (France: Strasbourg, July)
    • Peace building (UK: Coventry, July)
    • Welcome to Belarus (Belarus : Minsk, October)
  • Evaluation seminar (Italy: Florence, November)

2002 :

    • Conflict management (Bulgaria: Kyustendil, March)
    • Power of games (Hungary: Budapest, June)
    • It depends on you (Croatia: Groznjan, September)
  • Involvement against social exclusion (France: Schiltigheim, November)

2001 :

    • Youth and Information, youth and participation (France: Strasbourg, February)
  • You, we are not alone! (Germany – Czech rep. – Austria – Slovenia – Croatia, September)


    • Youth and war (Spain: San Pedro, November)
  • Life and death (France: Strasbourg, December)


    • Social exclusion in peripheral area (Spain, Canaries: La Tegueste, January)
    • Family and social cohesion (Romania: Bucarest, March)
    • Youth, policies and youth policies (Croatia: Grozjnan, May)
    • Youth information in sexuality (Bulgaria: Sofia, September)


    • Training in social exclusion (France: Strasbourg, May)
  • Unemployment and young people (Italy: San Cosimato, December)


    • Networking against exclusion (The Netherlands: Maastricht, January)
    • Lands of immigration, lands of emigration (Portugal: Cascais, April)
    • Life and drugs (Hungary: Budapest, June)
  • No future for young people…or…? (Ireland: Glencreee, Conty Wicklow, September)


    • Networking against exclusion (France: Strasbourg, January)
    • Exclusion at the age of 20 (Hungary: Budapest, June)
  • Ethno-Religious Tolerance (Bulgaria: Sofia – Kardjali  Kyustendil, September)


    • Outdoor Education Training Course (Belgium: Lustin, March)
    • Create and act against racism (Hungary: Budapest, June)
  • The Welfare State (Sweden: Stockholm, November)


    • International dimention in local youth work (France: Strasbourg, March)


  • Bratislava’93 (Slovakia: Levoca, August)

16 JANVIER 1993
Création du Réseau Express Jeunes


  • Youth Expression (France: Strasbourg, October)


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